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Chloe and Oliver Love

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Chloe and Oliver Love

This is a shipper community dedicated to the lovefest of Oliver Queen and Chloe Sullivan from Smallville. By extension, this community also shows a lot of love for the actors who portray them; Justin Hartley and Allison Mack.

The Chlollie Comm is open to take fics, vids, banners and wallpapers dedicated to Watchtower and Green Arrow. This comm also accepts news, images and information about Allison Mack and/or Justin Hartley. - Anything pertaining to their professional careers, ie; other projects, interviews, videos, appearances, photo-shoots, fan reports, sightings, etc.


1. Please don't flame. Constructive and polite are the watch words. Discussion is encouraged, and a wide variety of opinions are welcomed, but bashing/trash-talking of ANY Smallville characters, actors, or their fans is NOT allowed, nor is flaming, or trolling or trying to bait other members. If you want to rant and rave and carry on about other fans, characters you don't like, or drama from other sites, save it for your own personal journal or elsewhere; don't bring it here, please, they'll be deleted. Keep any external issues, exactly that. External. If it doesn't happen inside the community boards, we don't need to know about it, and most of us probably don't know. Anonymous posting is not allowed. This is a fun, positive community and we like it that way. There are multi-shippers, and fans of other characters here, who also love Chlollie. Respect your fellow fans. It's really that simple.

2. Please post fics, large images, lengthy amounts of text, and most of all SPOILERS (that includes both images, and words) behind an LJ-cut. If you're not sure how to post an LJ-Cut please go here for directions: HOW TO POST AN LJ-CUT DO NOT POST SPOILERS IN ENTRY TITLES. That kind of defeats the purpose of having a spoiler under an LJ cut, doesn't it?

3. Please title and tag any entry you make. If you need a new tag, please mention this in your post, and it will be added for you. Authors, artmakers and vidders who contribute three or more pieces of art, three videos, or three complete stories (not chapters or entries, but COMPLETE works), get their own creator tag. If you've submitted two complete works, and are starting a third multi-chapter, or submitting a third story, let the mods know and we'll give you a tag. We want to reserve tags for those artists, vid-makers, and writers who contribute more than just one piece of work to the comm. Do not request an author/creator tag, unless you've met the criteria mentioned above.

Fics cannot be posted more than once to the community. If authors feel the need to remind people about their old fic, they can create ONE entry with a link to where those works have been previously posted in a master fic list. Do not repost old fics. Your entry will be deleted from now on.

Fanfics should concern Chloe/Oliver/Chlollie as the main pairing. Real Person Fics (RPF) that pair up Allison/Justin are not appropriate for this community.

4. Use this format when posting fics, and post them under an LJ-Cut or link them to your own journals.

Format for Fic Posting:
Warnings: (If any)

Ratings used here are as follows:

G = Suitable for all ages/General audience

PG = Some content may not be suitable for young children.

PG-13 = Content not suitable for young children (sort of like the "T" rating used in some places). Suitable for teens, 13 years and older, with some violence, minor coarse language, and minor suggestive adult themes.

R = Contains content for mature teens and older. Not suitable for children or teens below the age of 16 with possible strong but non-explicit adult themes, references to violence, and strong coarse language. (like the "M" rating used in other places)

NC-17 = Contains explicit content. Content is only suitable for mature adults. May contain explicit language and adult themes, including explicit sexual situations and/or graphic violence. (Like the MA+ rating used elsewhere)

5. Advertising is fine as long as we can advertise on your community, Smallville, Justice League, DC Comics verse preferred. Please PM a mod, if you are uncertain. Unrelated SPAM of any sort will be deleted.

6. Members should not make entries reminding others about Community rules. If you see something questionable, or that goes against the rules, please message a mod, and a moderator will handle it. This is not your personal journal, it's a community.

7. Entries should mainly concern Chlollie. Information regarding Allison Mack's and/or Justin Hartley's professional endeavors is totally fine, and acceptable to post here. Anything that is not remotely Chlollie related or unrelated to Allison/Justin's careers, and posted without mod permission will be deleted without notice. If you have a question about something you'd like to post, contact a mod.

8. Speculations, rumors, or gossip of actors' private, personal lives are NOT up for discussion. This includes personal tweets by either Allison or Justin. However, any tweets pertaining to Chlollie/Chloe/Oliver, or that are career/professional related can be posted.

9. It is important to remember to contact a mod for help or any other issue you need to discuss. You can't expect the mods to take action, when something you feel is an issue isn't brought to their attention. Send a message, and have a bit of patience. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

If you love Chlollie, by all means, join us! We're a pretty happy, welcoming group of fans. :)


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